10 Beauty Products That We Have

The editors of Donnaclick has chosen many beauty products for face and a flawless make-up that can not miss in your makeup bag. Check out our top ten!

Time of sale, time to shop. What better time to renew with some new product on our beauty case, although these days we have to be content for the essential. Then make a list of what you need, and if you do not have very clear ideas take advice by our team, in consultation with the special top ten dedicated to must that can not miss.

The face cream

They are ideal to keep younger and hydrates our skin, and everything we except to face creams, and in times of crisis it would be ideal to use just one product that works for both day and night. Hydra 24 Creams by Payot is a smooth cream that melts on your skin for long-lasting hydration. A true blessing for a fresh, young, healthy and glowing skin (€ 42).

The Eye Makeup Remover

It is critical, and usually the more you spend the more delicate, although there are products on the market with an excellent value for money, ideal for those who have sensitive skin or wear contact lenses. The 3 in 1 of integral Vichy cleansing, efficiently removes all traces of makeup from face and eyes and tones the skin simultaneously. The cost is quite affordable and oscillates around 13 euros, and by buying it online you can find it at a price more attractive according to WHITEHALLMAKEUP.COM.

The enamel

Neglecting the care of your hands, which thanks to Dior Vernis, rich of gold particles, will not pass unnoticed. Beautiful colors Limited Edition for Christmas, rich of gold particles. In any case, even the colors of traditional line are quite brilliant and very easy to match. Beautiful also the 2012 new shades. The indicative price is about 21 euros. In short, a great product for perfect manicure homemade.

The mascara

It’s called Hypnôse Doll Eyes and is one of the latest make-up doll eyelashes in Lancôme. Charge and raising the lashes with an excellent effect “big eyes”, thanks to a new applicator that surrounds every single lashes without creating that effect heaviness so typical of mascara (€ 30.50).

The gloss

Eight very bright colors for the autumn winter 2012 of plumping effect and smoothing Gloss Collistar , which increases application after application. A great line for glossy lips Pearly effect and constantly moisturized. (£ 17.50).

Eye shadows

Perfect combination between technology and color, Clinique Eye Colour 8-Hour Lid Smoothie Antioxidant, refreshing new eye shadows are destined to become a must for spring 2012. What is special about it? These eye shadows regenerate the skin thanks to the exclusive metal applicator with soothing effect. A good product for a great moisturising and antioxidant. The rate fluctuates around 20 euro.

The Foundation

La Roche-Posay offers us a great Foundation-compact two-in-one treatment, also ideal for sensitive skin. It is available in four different colours and is available only in pharmacies.

The blush

It is one of the flagship products of the new collection spring summer 2012 make-up by Chanel, is the limited edition blush powder in five different colours, consisting of various for a look that is always new.

The perfume

A feminine fragrance from floral and sweet and the Italian fashion house Prada dedicated Candyto a woman “excessive, impetuous and passionate”.

Treatment for hair

Has few rivals the full treatment for hair, in three phases, to HairMed. Bathroom repair damaged fibers Eudermic Volumizing B6 and keratin Reconstructor Fluid volume and body, returns with R3 (30), to repair the damaged parts of the structure of the hair, and essential Form N5 (€ 14), in order to strengthen the hair shaft making it softer, vigorous and bright at the same time. Suitable for all hair types (€ 18.50).