1 Year Retrospective of Retro Universe

Despite the celebration only happens at the end of the month, on 30 July, party Honky-tonk PartyFriday (1), the Retro Universe celebrates 1 year officially in the air and to prove that, even in a short time, we had great achievements, we have listed below the main site moments in those 12 months. Check out our retrospective:

-Party Rocket

To launch the website Universe Retro rolled the first issue of Party Rocket, on August 14, 2015 at the Rockerama Club in São Paulo. With the support of producer the party staked a Plectrum programming that would the years 50 to 60, with three musical attractions and special disco. Space Comets, Rock In Black, the Pumas and DJ Jukes Jive. A real blockbuster, even with just over 1 month of site in the air. Check below some of what happened:

-Retro Universe Station

With an innovative, the program Universe Retro Station remained about 6 months of on air radio Tufts and Grease-the first web radio fully dedicated to brazilian culture 50 ‘s. There was possible to monitor the news from the Brazilian music scene retro all Wednesdays in the morning. The idea of the program was to allocate 100% of your musical programming for dissemination of national bands according to VINTAGESFINDER.

– Webseries Vintage Lovers

With the idea of creating a more interactive content, the Universe retro, in partnership with the production company Hello Vargas Movies, released a series of videos Vintage Lovers to your YouTube channel. Were published three video reports, telling stories of various personalities-famous the ordinary people – you are passionate for the most varied aspects of the past. The project is paused currently, but will soon win a continuation.

-Calendar Pin-ups Brazil

To celebrate 2015 2016 and close in style, the Retro Universe prepared a charity Calendar Pin-Ups in Brazil, in partnership with the production company Be a Bombshell and the retro brand Ice Cream Sundae Inc. With an exclusive and limited edition photographic content, were invited 12 Brazilian women, who have the retro as lifestyle, representing each of the months of the year and their respective holidays. The project was a real success!

-Vintage Expo Participation

Considered the largest trade fair in the sector ever held in Brazil, the Vintage Expo brought together the most diverse trade exhibitors retro and vintage-clothing stores, shoes, accessories, thrift shops, discos, decoration, tattoo etc-, complete schedule of entertainment. Among the highlights of the schedule, the Retro Universe took his pin-ups to sign the newly released calendars, for sale at the fair, and presented in partnership with the producer Plectrum, two pocket shows creepy: Metafones and The Crown jewels.

-Visit to the home of the mother me

Four months after the launch of the Charity Calendar, to celebrate the success of the partial sales of the publication (there’s still time to get to know your here), the team involved organized a party with the old ladies of the institution helped, the home of the mother me. The event included lunch, visit of the pin-ups dressed in style, live show with Ton White and burlesque presentation/Marília Skraba cheesecake.

-Coverage of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

Between 14 and 17 April happened another edition of Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, most anticipated event for the lovers of culture fifties, which rolls all year in Nevada, United States. The columnist Cherry Rat, international correspondent of the site, was there doing the authoritative coverage of the event to the Universe retro, via website, Instagram, Facebook and Snap Chat.

-National and international Interviews

During this first year of Retro Universe were countless interviews and articles published on the site. Open space for national personalities of the retro and we went back to living legends and international celebrities. Just to have an idea, we interviewed the lead vocalists of Polecats, Restless, Firebirds, Big Sandy, the Gatsby Girls, Guana Batz, Spellbound, the only living member of the Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Sonny Burgess (Sun Records legend), the pin-up girl Cherry DollFace, among others.

-Women’s day Editorial “Is retro, not retrograde”

Taking advantage of international women’s week, the publishers-founder of Retro Universe (Alicia Adams and Mirella Fonzar) decided to give the guys on the site, for, in addition to showing an amazing essay by photographer Ka Uziel, chat about female empowerment and the importance of not being retrograde retro in the world, in the editorial “Is retro, Not Retrograde” .

-Pin-Up Pageant The Sailor Pub

The Sailor Pub, in Vila Olímpia, São Paulo, held another edition of your traditional Pin-Up Pageant, in partnership with Aurora D’vine and Marilia Skraba. In all, 18 candidates attended the event, with the first 12 were selected to join the next calendar from The Sailor Pub 2017. The Universe Retro joined the specialized jury body and helped to Crown the new Miss, Mandy Millicent.

– Participation in the program best for You

Our Publisher Mirella Fonzar was invited by the program best for You, network TV, to talk a little bit about the world of Pin-Ups and the Retro Universe. The program featured fashion Pin-Up calendar girls The Sailor, who participated in the contest, and ladies who have gone through a transformation by Be a Bombshell.

– Entry on the MTV network of sites

In June 2016, the Retro Universe became part of the network of websites and blogs by MTVportal. With approximately of 11 months in the air and almost 8000 followers on Facebook, the site celebrated this recognition and the possibility to have your content shared by the online media of cable TV channel.

-TAG My Retro Universe

A few years ago circled a Tag between the retro bloggers on Youtube. Was the Vintage Tag “, which began on the outside, but was translated and answered by Brazilian girls. Basically it was a list of questions about lifestyle and vintage fashion, in order that the community of “retro vloggers” If you knew best. So, we created the Tag My Universe retro, with questions about lifestyle and national vintage fashion.